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About Sungem Holding Italy

Sungem Holding Italy controlls a portfolio of 31.1 MW of photovoltaic plants in operation, located in Italy, via 10 SPV. SHI is entirely owned by Amplio Group and Gottex Real Asset Fund.

Amplio develops businesses and invests in growth industries which include renewable energy, alternative fuels, recycling, filtration, environmental services, and specialty healthcare.

Gottex Real Asset Fund is a real asset fund, investing primarily in power, renewable energy, agriculture, commodity and waste, managed by Gottex Fund Management, a global asset manager founded in 1992 and listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange

More about Amplio Group

Amplio Group specializes in the acquisition and development of businesses with high growth potential or requiring a repositioning following a successful restructuring. Such businesses often arise out of specific growth dynamics in an industry or favorable long-term market conditions.

Amplio Group is active in, emerging and usually fragmented, markets. Amplio Group first establishes a solid base on which to build the company by providing the required capital, solid management capabilities and giving access to a large international network. We actively manage our activities and have access to a significant network of contacts and expertise in a wide range of industries. We also have various sources of institutional capital to foster the growth of our businesses once they have established the initial platforms on which to grow.

Amplio Group operates mainly with a select group of investors who have an entrepreneurial mindset and want to establish a long-term relationship with a group focused on achieving superior performance. Our approach is based on results and long-term partnerships with our investors.

Historically, Amplio Group operated on three continents, starting from Europe but also then expanding into Asia and the United States.

More about Gottex

Gottex Real Asset Fund (GRAF) is a Real Asset fund established in 2006. The group has completed 11 investments to date for a total amount of about U$425 m. The fund target (U$500 m) was closed on October 2008.

GRAF is managed by Gottex Fund Management, a global asset manager founded in 1992, listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange (majority owned by employees) and specialized in hedge fund and multi-asset solutions.

GRAF invest in related sectors like Power, Renewable Energy, Agriculture, Commodities, Waste, etc.

The Gottex AF portfolio includes 19.8 MW of PV plants, a coal mine, pellet production and combined heat and power plants, 11.3 MW of agricultural greenhouse, waste oil recycling and some others.

The Gottex Group employees about 127 professionals across their multiple offices located in USA, Europe (Nyon, Guernsey, Luxembourg, London), Asia (Hong Kong, Shanghai) and Australia.